A malevolent character who occupied the computer-generated dreamstate of five hibernating survivors of the Kohl settlement, in the Delta Quadrant. The hibernation system's control computer manifested the worst fears from the subconscious minds of its unconscious inhabitants. Together, these fears combined created the Clown, and he turned their environment into a bizarre, deadly carnival.

In 2372, when the U.S.S. Voyager found the Kohl settlement, the Clown had killed three of the hibernators by causing heart failure brought on by extreme fear. Harry Kim and B'Elanna Torres encountered the Clown when they entered the sleepers' virtual reality, and the Clown immediately threatened to behead Kim, and he continued to torment Kim mercilessly. Clown also refused to give up control over his Kohl captives.

Eventually, the crewmen and the Kohl survivors were disconnected from the hibernation system, and the Clown ceased to exist.