(Played by Joel Grey)

Member of the Alsaurian resistance movement on a planet of the Mokra Order in the Delta Quadrant. Caylem's wife was caught by the Mokra after she led a raid on a Mokra supply center, and in 2360, she died in prison. Their daughter, Ralkana, was killed while trying to rescue her mother. Caylem was a gentle man who was so affected by these tragedies that he blocked the memories of them out of his mind. He spent the rest of his life believing that his wife and daughter were still alive, conducting quixotic missions to rescue them from the Mokra. In 2372, during an away-team mission to Caylem's planet, Captain Kathryn Janeway was seriously injured. Caylem, who was delusional, nursed Janeway's injuries, believing her to be his daughter, Ralkana. Caylem was killed helping Janeway free two of her officers from Mokra imprisonment. In doing so, he ultimately gave his life for the cause of the resistance movement.