A member of the Theoretical Propulsion Group who helped design the warp engines on the Enterprise-D at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in 2358. A graduate of the Daystrom Institute of Technology, Brahms made major contributions to the Galaxy-Class Starship Development Project, far beyond her official role as a junior team member. In 2366, to learn more about the engine design of the Enterprise-D, Commander Geordi La Forge re-created Dr. Brahms's image in the holodeck. The holographic character was much friendlier than the real person, and La Forge developed a strong attraction to her image. By 2367, Brahms was married and had been promoted to Senior Design Engineer of the Theoretical Propulsion Group. She visited the Enterprise-D that year to inspect the field modifications made to the ship's engines by La Forge, and much to his dismay, she was highly critical of La Forge's work. Brahms also strongly objected to his having programmed a holographic replica of herself, noting that doing so without her permission constituted an invasion of privacy. Nevertheless, the two engineers pulled together in a crisis and became friends.