Planet: Bolarus IX

A Federation race of humanoids, most distinguishable in appearance by the narrow yet distinctive ridgeline running at least from over the skull from the spine to the nose and down the neck. In addition, they also have longer ears than humans and their skin tone ranges from a yellowish green tinge to a blue darker green tinge to medium blue.

Though three Bolians who appear — V'Sal, Mot and Rixx — are bald, the Bolian Haro (later discovered to be a false image) has a head-full of styled, green-tinted blond hair, parted and thinning along the top front of her head and exposing her Bolian ridgeline.

Though very few Bolians serve in Starfleet, they can be found in various places throughout the Federation. Natives of this bald, bluish-skinned Federation race are often seen around Deep Space Nine on the station's promenade — including Lysia Arlin, who runs the Jumja kiosk and has a crush on Constable Odo, circa 47603. Bolian Freighters often visit Deep Space Nine and the area. A civilian female member of the blue-skinned, bilaterally-ridged humanoid species is a regular at Quark's, and is there in the Founders' imposed hallucinatory test of a United Federation of Planets-Dominion test. Another is an ensign in the security section on the sabotaged, Tzenkethi-bound Defiant.

Bolian "crystal steel" is a highly collectible material and not usually available on DS9 — one of Quark's would-be expanded sales items by inter-station monitor. Cultural items include a variety of tomato soup.