(Portrayed by Gwynyth Walsh)

Younger, seductive and more volatile sister of Lursa who, after brother Duras' death in 2367, headed their powerful family in pursuit of leading the Empire. Leaving their nephew Toral behind, she fled with Lursa when Gowron finally proved victorious in the civil war they'd fomented with Romulan backing in 2368. She'd dropped out of sight for a year until coming to DS9 with her sister to raise capital to rebuild their forces, offering Bajoran Khon-Ma terrorist Tahna Los his needed bilitrium in return for gold-pressed latinum while plotting to sell him out to Garak and the Cardassians once they're paid off. Another capital-raising scheme had them seizing a Pakled magnesite mine on Kalla III, overseen by the Dopterian Gorta, and selling its explosive ore to a Yridian, Yog. Circa SD 47779.4, she had just learned she was pregnant with a son; the father was not specified. A year later, the sisters had been backing El-Aurian genius Tolian Soran in his research on trilithium mega-weapons when they met up with Picard's Enterprise for the last time; she met her doom with Lursa aboard their Bird-of-Prey.