Corbin Bernsen, another self-professed celebrity fan of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's humanistic future vision, was right in the middle of his career-making eight-year run as divorce attorney Arnie Becker on NBC's landmark series LA Law when he appeared in TNG’s “Deja Q.” The guest role was script-designated as “Q2” although, like John de Lancie’s character, both entities refer to each other as simply “Q.” Bernsen’s Q was our first-ever look at another member of the Q Continuum—and should not to be confused with Q’s son Q in the Voyager episode “Q2”). 

More recently, Bernsen has starred in the Major League trilogy of baseball films and can currently be seen as Henry Spencer, the retired police father of co-star James Roday’s Shawn Spencer faux psychic on USA Network’s dramedy series Psych.