Planet: Benzar. Mostly humanoid race whose members require a special breathing apparatus for oxygen atmospheres. This apparatus is worn on their chest with an extension reaching up to just in front of the mouth and nose slit. The slit is wider than the mouth with four facillae-like extensions, much like the Terran catfish. Other distinguishing features include no facial hair, blue-gray skin and large, short-pointed ears; members of the same geo-structure strongly resemble each other. As a race, Benzites show a sincere but sometimes annoying eagerness to please that can be perceived as superiority. Like the Klingons, Benzite government is not a member of the Federation but carries on relations by treaty, such as exchange-officer participation on stardate 42506.5. Also, Benzites can apply to Starfleet Academy. In contrast to Starfleet procedures, the Benzite space service calls for an officer to withhold the report of any unusual finding until a full analysis can be run and a resolution offered.