Trill musician with a violent temper, who lived ca. 2264-2285 and was joined to the Dax symbiont for the last six months of his life. Belar was accepted into the Trill initiate program and deemed unsuitable to host a symbiont, but was joined to Dax nevertheless. At that point Joran became more confident and "even colder than usual," according to his brother Yolad, and six months later Joran Dax killed a doctor with the Symbiosis Commission who had recommended that Belar be dropped from the program. He was caught and the symbiont removed, killing Joran. The fact that Joran had held the symbiont successfully for months, despite being declared unsuitable, threatened to expose the closely held secret that nearly half the Trill population is capable of being joined. Rather than risk the chaos that could ensue, the Symbiosis Commission altered the official record to cover up the fact that Joran Belar had been joined, stating that he was still an initiate in 2285 when he committed the murder, and was killed trying to flee the murder scene.

Joran's brother Yolad Belar was also a musical composer. They graduated from the same music academy, although Joran's record had been purged from the academy's files.