Ira Steven Behr is executive producer of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Behr has been an integral creative force on the show since its inception in 1993.

A graduate of Lehman College in New York City, Behr studied Mass Communications and Theater, and was offered a playwriting scholarship at Brandeis University. Instead, Behr elected to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in writing comedies for television and film.

Instead of comedies, Behr made his mark in television dramas. His first job as a television writer was for the James Garner television series Bret Maverick, and he later served as story editor for the series Jessica Novack. Behr's writer/producer credits also include the series Fame, Once a Hero, and Bronx Zoo.

Behr's relationship with Star Trek began as a producer for Star Trek: The Next Generation during its third season. At the end of the season, Behr left the series to pursue screenwriting. Three of the feature films written during this period are currently in development.

Behr returned to Star Trek in 1993 as a supervising producer for the pilot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and became a co-executive producer in the third season. His diverse talents and experiences as a writer led him to the position of executive producer. Behr played a key role in the development of the popular alien race, the Ferengi. He wrote the book "The Rules of Acquisition," which is a humorous compilation of the guiding tenets of Ferengi culture. Behr also co-wrote a collection of short stories and fables based on the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition entitled "Legends of the Ferengi," which was published by Pocket Books.

After DS9 ended its seven-season run in 1999, Behr went on to produce other television fare such as the science fiction drama "Now and Again" and the Jason Alexander comedy "Bob Patterson."