Daughter of Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, Aztbur ascended to the chancellorship herself when her father was assassinated in 2293.

Aztbur accompanied her father on a journey to Earth to initiate peace talks between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. At the invitation of Captain James T. Kirk, she came aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-A, the escort ship, for a diplomatic dinner along with the rest of the Klingon delegation. During this awkward social occasion, she expressed her dismay that the Federation seemed to be a "Homosapiens-only club," and exposed such rhetoric as "inalienable human rights" as being inherently racist.

Her father was murdered shortly thereafter, and she was named Chancellor of the High Council in his place. Determined to continue Gorkon's initiatives, she carried through with the peace conference, choosing to hold it on the neutral planet of Khitomer, rather than on Earth. But she also refused to extradite Kirk and Dr. McCoy, who were arrested and tried for the murder of Gorkon. Then, she bluntly told the Federation President that any attempt to rescue them would be considered an act of war. This, in spite of her private feelings that war was obsolete.

At the Khitomer conference, Azetbur gave an impassioned speech, lauding her father for being an idealist, and the Klingons for being a proud race who intend to go on being so. She was a potential target for assassination herself, until Kirk and the Enterprise crew exposed the conspiracy responsible for her father's death, a conspiracy involving Klingons, Romulans, and Federation personnel.

In response, Azetbur announced before the conference that Kirk had restored her father's faith.