A drone on a scout ship patrolling the border of fluidic space in a remote sector of the Beta Quadrant with the designation Five of Twelve, Secondary Adjunct of Trimatrix 942, but known as Axum in the dreamstate world of Unimatrix Zero. He was one of the rare drones with a recessive mutation that allowed him to experience Unimatrix Zero while regenerating, and in that realm he had a six-year romance with Annika, who as a drone was designated Seven of Nine.

Three years after Seven was severed from the Collective, Axum found a way to contact her again and solicit her help to save Unimatrix Zero. The occupants of the virtual world designed a nanovirus that would mask the biochemical signature of the mutation, thereby preventing the Borg Queen from isolating the interlink frequency that binds them together. But Axum needed someone in the real world to release it into the Collective. However, at the urging of Captain Janeway of the U.S.S. Voyager, Axum agreed to a change of plans that would lead to the elimination of Unimatrix Zero but would allow its occupants to retain their memories and thus their individuality while conscious as drones. This was done to empower those people to begin a resistance movement from within the Collective. Unfortunately, this meant that Axum and Annika — who had rekindled their romance — would be separated a second time, but they bid each other farewell with a promise that he would one day find her again.