Aenar, The

In the Romulan command center, Senator Vrax admonishes Valdore for the defeat of the drone ship. Vrax is also angry that the Andorians and Tellarites have formed an alliance. Valdore tells Vrax it is all merely a setback. Valdore plans to deal with the humans who brought the Andorians and Tellarites together — he has a second drone armed and ready and is prepared to use the two ships to find Enterprise and destroy it.

Onboard Enterprise, T'Pol brings the crew and Shran up to date: the mysterious drone they encountered is operated by "telepresence," meaning the vessel is controlled by a pilot from a remote location. T'Pol believes that the Enterprise crew can construct their own telepresence unit to disrupt the signal controlling the drone. Later on, Shran tells Archer that Andorian scientists have identified the brainwave pattern of the drone pilot: it is a member of an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, blind, extremely reclusive ice-dwellers.

Archer and Shran embark on a perilous journey through the freezing climates of Andoria to the Aenar compound. When Shran is hurt, the Aenar come to their aid. They tell Archer that the Aenar controlling the drone ship could be Gareb, one of their people who disappeared about a year ago. Archer and Shran want one of the Aenar to come back with them and control the telepresence unit being built on Enterprise, but the pacifist species refuses this request, believing that no good can come from violence. At least one of the Aenar feels differently — Jhamel, Gareb's sister. She wants to help her brother and agrees to return to Enterprise with Archer and Shran.

Meanwhile, Trip, T'Pol and Phlox work on constructing Enterprise's own telepresence unit. Trip wants to be the one to test it, but T'Pol notes that this would not be effective, as Trip is not telepathic. T'Pol volunteers to test it herself instead. Trip protests, but T'Pol holds firm. During the test, T'Pol seems to be having problems breathing. As her synaptic response becomes more and more erratic, Trip orders Phlox to end the test.

Archer and Shran return to Enterprise with Jhamel in tow. The young Aenar tests the telepresence unit — she has more success than T'Pol, but still experiences considerable synaptic problems and is clearly exhausted afterwards. Phlox determines that Jhamel will recover, but insists that it is too dangerous to try the device again. Shran, meanwhile, is clearly impressed with Jhamel's courage.

Later, Enterprise finally engages the drone ships. Down in Sickbay, a still-recovering Jhamel senses Gareb's presence and insists that Phlox allow her to try the telepresence unit again.

As Enterprise endures heavy damage from the two drones, Jhamel uses the telepresence unit to contact Gareb. She tells him that she's on the ship he's attacking. Gareb is devastated — he thought Jhamel and the other Aenar were all dead, and can't believe how many people he's killed by controlling the drone ships. Jhamel reminds him that the Romulans forced him and tells him that he has to stop the killing. Using every ounce of his will, Gareb attacks one drone with the other. As one of the drones explodes, Valdore, furious at the failure of his mission, shoots Gareb. Enterprise targets the other drone and destroys it. Down in sickbay, Jhamel feels her brother die. As Shran helps her out of the telepresence unit, she collapses into his arms.

Later, Shran and Jhamel prepare to return to Andoria. Shran notes that he probably won't be getting another ship any time soon, and tells Archer they may not see each other for a while. As he departs Enterprise, he tells Archer to stay out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Trip has realized that his feelings for T'Pol have been affecting his work on Enterprise. He asks Archer for a transfer to Columbia. Archer is confused by his old friend's request, but reluctantly grants it anyway.