Aeon, U.T.S.

A one-man 29th-century Federation timeship about six meters long, black in color, which emits a graviton-matrix rift for time travel and has an emergency beam-out system. The Aeon is also equipped with subatomic disruptor weapons. The Aeon, commanded by Captain Braxton, made a trip to 2373 to destroy the U.S.S. Voyager for presumably causing a temporal disruption that would destroy Earth's solar system in the 29th century. The ensuing encounter led to the Aeon crash-landing on Earth in 1967 and being appropriated by Henry Starling, who used its technology to initiate the computer revolution on Earth and make a huge fortune for himself. In 1996 Starling attempted to take the Aeon back to the 29th century so he could acquire more technology from the future, but Voyager intervened and destroyed the timeship, with Starling in it, before he could enter a temporal rift. In a case of predestination paradox, the ship's destruction erased the original timeline whereby Braxton tried to destroy Voyager, and in fact Braxton appeared again in the Aeon in 1996 to bring Voyager back to 2373. But that timeline was not completely wiped out: The events of 1967-1996 seemed to remain intact, with the Aeon's 29th-century technology continuing to benefit Voyager's holographic Doctor with a mobile emitter.