Adonis, Shuttlecraft

The Adonis was one of the shuttles onboard the U.S.S. Archimedes.

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(Voiced by Jim Piddock).

Commander Mandel was a Starfleet security officer in 2381.

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Cetacean Operations

A section of a starship that was devoted to aquatic mammal crew members, allowing them to perform their duties in a more habitable environment for them. 

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Laap system

A star system. This was where Lapeeria was located.

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(Voiced by Nolan North).

Vulcan male captain of the Vulcan cruiser Sh’Vhal in 2381.

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Pakled, P.S.S.

Pakled clumpship in 2381.

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(Voiced by Rich Fulcher).

Pakled male, possibly the commanding officer, on the P.S.S. Pakled.

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This was the designation for a Borg cube in 2381.

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Che’Ta’, I.K.S.

Kontaran system

A star system. It was while en route to a planetary survey here that the Cerritos crew was able to enjoy twelve hours off from their usual duties.

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(Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes).

Togg was a Klingon male first officer onboard the I.K.S. Che’Ta’ in 2381. He was killed by Captain Dorg after he dared to call him a coward.

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(Voiced by Colton Dunn).

Captain Dorg was the Klingon male commanding officer of the I.K.S. Che’Ta’ in 2381.

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(Voiced by Gabrielle Ruiz).

T'Lyn was a Vulcan female officer onboard the Vulcan cruiser Sh’Vhal in 2381.

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(Voiced by Jon Curry).

Mach was a Klingon male officer onboard the I.K.S. Che’Ta’ in 2381.

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Shari yn Yem

(Voiced by Lennon Parham).

Shari yn Yem was a Pandronian female who worked as the Starfleet drill administrator in 2381. When she ran the drills for the Cerritos, she pitted the senior crew against the lower decks crew, but switched their ranks.

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(Voiced by Jeffrey Combs).

AGIMUS was the sentient evil computer responsible for manipulating an entire civilization into a century-long civil war. He then went on to try to manipulate Boimler and Mariner into fighting each other while they were en route to deliver him to the Daystrom Institute, but Boimler just tricked him into using his battery to power a distress signal while they were stranded on a desert planet.

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The Monaveen was the royal starship belonging to Queen Paolana Billups of Hysperia, mother of Andarithio "Andy" Billups.

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An M-class planet where the U.S.S. Cerritos went to wrangle some giant centipedes.

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(Voiced by June Diane Raphael).

Queen Paolana Billups was the female monarch of Hysperia and mother of Andarithio "Andy" Billups, who was the crown prince. He had renounced his title to join Starfleet, but his mother refused to accept that and kept trying to trick him into triggering his ascension onto the throne. Her ship was called the Monaveen.

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