Karzill IV

A planet that was the location of the varuvian mining colony the Pakleds were about to target when the Titan sent an away team to embed themselves undercover as miners and plant a tracking device on their shuttle. Boimler was part of that team.

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(Voiced by Eugene Cordero).

Chairman Siggi was a male octopus-like species who was Chairman of the Collector's Guild. He was killed when a giant Vulcan skeleton fell on top of him while he was trying to escape Kerner Hauze’s weaponized ship.

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Kerner Hauze was a male collector who had recently died in 2381. It was his ship that Mariner, Rutherford, and Tendi were tasked with inventorying, along with Jet Manhaver and Chairman Siggi of the Collector’s Guild, after his death.

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Bitrus Expanse

This was where the Cerritos headed after leaving Apergos.

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A dingy planet with which the Cerritos was tasked with performing second contact. The Apergosian High Leader just needed to choose their Planetary Federation Communication Number.

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Humanoid species that lived on Apergos and called their leader the Apergosian High Leader. They had recently become warp-capable when the Cerritos was tasked with second contact. They were in the middle of an industrial revolution at the time, so everything was covered with soot on their planet. They also had a deep relationship with numbers, so choosing their Planetary Federation Communication Number was a more difficult task than expected.

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Planetary Federation Communication Number

Used for communicating within the Federation, along its subspace relays.

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Synthetic Memory Degradation

Also known as SMD, this was a rare condition that infected cyborgs with new implants. First, their opinions would change, then their brains would liquefy and leak out their noses.

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A species that gave a gratitude mask to Captain Freeman after Ensign Mariner delivered root juice to them.

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Benthos IV

The planet where Osyraa originally pulled the same maneuver she did to get inside the Federation HQ shields - pretending her ship was chasing a friendly ship, when she’d actually already hijacked said friendly ship - and then immediately blew up the presidential palace.

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(Portrayed by Alexander Mandra).

Avryz was a human male regulator from Osyraa’s Emerald Chain crew. His Regulator I.D. was Theta-431, and he was part of the group that helped Osyraa hijack the Discovery.

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(Portrayed by Kenneth Mitchell).

Aurellio was a human male who was a member of Osyraa’s Emerald Chain crew that helped her overtake the Discovery so he could analyze how the spore drive worked. He used a floating “wheelchair” pod to get around, and loved Andorian opera. He also had the typical Orion piercings behind his ear to bless the arrival of a child, indicating he both had an Orion partner and that they had multiple children together. After the fall of the Emerald Chain, he worked to create a next-generation spore drive with Ruon Tarka.

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Altarian spider

An arachnid brought up by Admiral Vance as a simile, referring to Osyraa and her attack on the Discovery.

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(Portrayed by Katherine Trowell).

Captain Bandra was the human female captain of the U.S.S. Le Guin in 3189.

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A planet.

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(Portrayed by either Ava Mackinnon or Shazdeh Kapadia).

Amma was a Barzan girl who was one of Dr. Attis’ daughters. She was named for the moon in the Barzan star system. She died on the U.S.S. Tikhov after a Coronal Mass Ejection.

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Emerald Chain

The name for an Orion/Andorian syndicate led by Osyraa in 3189. They were an organization of mercantile exchanges.

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(Portrayed by Janet Kidder).

Osyraa was a ruthless Orion female. She was an Orion leader and Minister of the Emerald Chain.

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Mrs. Attis

(Portrayed by Ana Sani).

Barzan female. Wife of Dr. Attis and mother of Amma and Tolpra. She died on the U.S.S. Tikhov after a Coronal Mass Ejection in 3189.

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Tikhov, U.S.S.

The U.S.S. Tikhov was a seed-vault starship used by the Federation to store samples of every known plant in the galaxy. Over the previous 500 years, each planet of the Federation took turns keeping watch over it, and by 3189 it was the Barzans’ turn.

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