Star Trek: Enterprise: The Romulan War – Beneath the Raptor’s Wing is making its next quantum leap along the publishing pipeline. The Pocket Books novel, a solo title by Michael A. Martin, will make its mass-market paperback debut today, February 22, after initially arriving in bookstores in October, 2009, as a trade paperback. 

The story, for those unfamiliar with it, unfolds at the beginning of the 21st century, just as Starfleet is coming together as a coalition of planets determined to bring about an end to an unforgiving intergalactic war. However, not everyone desires peace, as the Romulans perfect a way to remotely control Starfleet ships, firing their weapons upon each other and fostering instant distrust and doubt between new allies.

The Romulan War – Beneath the Raptor’s Wing runs 576 pages and will retail for $7.99. The novel will be available at major bookstores and general retailers nationwide, as well as in the e-book format. For additional details, click here