Star Trek: Enterprise -- Rise of the Federation: Live By the Code, the latest Star Trek novel by Christopher L. Bennett, will be released tomorrow in the mass-market paperback and eBook formats by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books. Here's the official synopsis of what's referred to as a "fifth-season" saga installment:

Admiral Jonathan Archer has barely settled in as Starfleet Chief of Staff when new crises demand his attention. The Starfleet task force commanded by Captain Malcolm Reed continues its fight against the deadly Ware technology, but one of the task force ships is captured, its Andorian crew imprisoned by an interstellar Partnership that depends on the Ware for its prosperity. Worse, the Partnership has allied with a renegade Klingon faction, providing it with Ware drone fleets to mount an insurrection against the Klingon Empire. Archer sends Captain T’Pol and Endeavour to assist Reed in his efforts to free the captured officers. But he must also keep his eye on the Klingon border, for factions within the Empire blame Starfleet for provoking the Ware threat and seek to take revenge. Even the skill and dedication of the captains under Archer’s command may not be enough to prevent the outbreak of the Federation’s first war.

Bennett's previous Trek output include Ex Machina and The Buried Age, the Titan novels Orion’s Hounds and Over a Torrent Sea, the two Department of Temporal Investigations stories Watching the Clock and Forgotten History, as well as the earlier Enterprise tales Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures, Tower of Babel and Uncertain Logic. Live By the Code will run 400 pages and cost $7.99. Go to to pre-order it.

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