A Look Back At 2012, Trek-style

A Look Back At 2012, Trek-style

2012 proved to be another memorable year for Star Trek fans across the globe. There were anniversaries celebrated, amazing reunions held, and tons of great new Trek products introduced. A Star Trek legend received a long-overdue Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the next Star Trek film warped closer to reality and we all bade farewell to several Star Trek actors and behind-the-scenes figures who passed away. Here’s a look back at some of what made the news on StarTrek.com in 2012 – and let us know what was most newsworthy to you.

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J.J. Abrams finished shooting the next Star Trek big-screen adventure, and fans, throughout the year, got a title – Star Trek Into Darkness – as well as a poster, an announcement trailer, a 9-minute preview and a teaser trailer. The film will be released on May 17, 2013. 










Star Trek products galore were introduced by licensees. Among the highlights were...

 Federation: The First 150 Years



An eight-issue TNG/Doctor Who crossover comic book series


A gold-plated Enterprise pizza cutter

 TNG 25th anniversary PEZ Dispenser set

TOS soundtrack collection,

An electronic TOS door chime

TOS pajamas

interactive Tribbles

TOS uniform cycle jerseys

Star Trek: The Next Generation 365

Spock hoodie,


Our weekly StarTrek.com polls typically generate tons of energetic debate and thousands of votes. However, no polls we did resulted in more debate or votes than when, in January and February, we gauged fan opinion as to which Star Trek captain was the most confident, most courageous, most decisive, most intelligent and most inspiring. Kirk was named most confident, Janeway was tabbed most courageous, Picard was deemed most decisive, most intelligent and most inspiring. Tabulating all the results, fans considered Picard the best Star Trek captain. Fans are STILL arguing over that one.

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