Wit and Wisdom of Montgomery Scott, The


Length: 5:54 This video includes footage from the following episodes: Star Trek: ST:TOS 02 - "Where No Man Has Gone Before" ST:TOS 07 - "The Naked Time" ST:TOS 33 - "Who Mourns for Adonais?" ST:TOS 35 - "The Doomsday Machine" ST:TOS 36 - "Wolf in the Fold" ST:TOS 37 - "The Changeling" ST:TOS 39 - "Mirror, Mirror" ST:TOS 41 - "I, Mudd" ST:TOS 42 - "The Trouble With Tribbles" ST:TOS 47 - "Obsession" ST:TOS 49 - "A Piece of the Action" 

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