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Published Jul 20, 2020

Introducing a Fully Functional Star Trek Tricorder

Beaming in the Wand Company's latest Trek replica.

Designed to work just like the fantasy version imagineered in the 1960s, with more than a little help from some 21st century technology, a full-colour LCD displays information stored in the Tricorder along with dynamic data gathered by its sensors and audio recording function.

With a target retail price of $250 USD, Star Trek fans can now look forward to measuring the environment, scanning radio frequencies, recording audio, impressing their friends, and enjoying the fact that they’ll own perhaps the most sophisticated prop replica ever designed and manufactured. The Tricorder will be available in summer 2021 directly from The Wand Company Shop, the official Star Trek Shop, and other selected terrestrial retailers. If fans want to be the first to hear about product updates and pre-order availability, they should register their interest The Wand Company's online store.