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Your Trek Best Friend Duo Is...

Your Trek Best Friend Duo Is..., for our latest weekly poll, asked Who's your favorite Trek best friend duo? The reply options included Kirk and Spock, Picard and Riker, Data and Geordi, Odo and Quark, Bashir and O’Brien, Seven of Nine and The Doctor, Tom and Harry, and Archer and Trip. More than 4,000 fans voted, and here are the results:

Kirk and Spock (46%)

Bashir and O’Brien (13% 850 votes)

Data and Geordi (13% 833 votes)

Odo and Quark (8%)

Seven of Nine and The Doctor (6% 375 votes)

Picard and Riker (6% 372 votes)

Tom and Harry (4% 270 votes)

Archer and Trip (4% 246 votes)

And where in the results did your Trek friend duo of choice land?