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Your Favorite Trek Mom Was...

Your Favorite Trek Mom Was...

Who is your favorite Star Trek mother? That was, quite appropriately, the question we at asked readers in order to conduct our Mother's Day-themed poll. Fans could pick from the following moms: Dr. Beverly Crusher, Amanda Grayson, The Horta, Ishka, Carol Marcus, Keiko O'Brien, Helena Rozhenko, T’Les, Lwaxana Troi and Kasidy Yates. Thousands of fans voted and here are the results:

Dr. Beverly Crusher (32%)

Lwaxana Troi (28%)

Keiko O'Brien (11%)

The Horta (9%)

Amanda Grayson (8%)

Ishka (4%)

Helena Rozhenko (3%, 130 votes)

Carol Marcus (3%, 122 votes)

Kasidy Yates (2%)

T'Les (1%)

And how did YOUR Trek mom of choice fare?