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Your Favorite Deanna Troi Moments Were...

Star Trek fans shared why they love the Enterprise-D's counselor!

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Deanna Troi

It's time once again for our semi-regular Fan-Sourced feature, in which we ask readers a question via our Facebook page and you share YOUR comments/replies with us!

Deanna Troi smiles on the bridge of the Enterprise-D.

On May 28, we asked, What's your favorite Deanna Troi moment? We received over 1,100 posted comments, and here's a smattering of what they had to say:

"Deanna showed depth of character and vulnerability in 'The Loss' when she loses her power of telepathy when the Enterprise encounters two dimensional aliens." — Linda Marie Johnson

Data and Cake Deanna Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generations -

"When she is a cake." — Josh Truax

"Bubble bath with Riker." — Anita Mason

"When she kisses Will with the beard and goes 'Yuck!' The look on his face was priceless!" — Joni Holmes

"The fight between Doc Zimmerman and Troi on Voyager, when the EMH was transferred back to the Alpha Quadrant to rescue his kind of 'father.' These were some pretty funny moments including Deanna Troi." — Dave Lima

"When she was drunk in the movie First Contact. Hilarious!" — Yolanda Smith

Deanna Troi, wearing her Starfleet uniform, addresses Jellico in his ready room

"Season 7 Episode 16 'Thine Own Self.' I loved the fact that she put on her uniform in Season 6 Episode 10 'Chain of Command,' but seeing her actually allowed to progress as a Starfleet officer was great. Frankly, I think this moment should have come at the beginning of the show." — Robert Ehrich Dietrich

"I think my best moment is in Nemesis.... I love the part when she helps 'find' the Scimitar. She says to her Shinzon's viceroy, 'Remember me!' I saw a new side of Troi; I never saw before. Don't mess with Deanna Troi." — Christopher Oliver

Deanna and Lwaxana Troi are held captive on a Ferengi vessel

"Any moment she spends with her mother! It's hysterical." — Karen Cinq Mars

"Loved when she learned about her sister who died." — Mary O'Sullivan

"When she realizes in the Command Test Simulation she must order Geordi to repair a component to save the ship but that the order to do so means his death." — Todd Baggarly

"Any moment with Deanna is a good moment." — Matthias Schorer

"When she finds out the position of the Scimitar." — Petar Jovandic

"I loved her wedding." — Dianna Bird

Deanna Troi as a Romulan in Star Trek: The Next Generations -

"Romulan Troi was pretty cool." — Joseph Ramelo

What Makes Deanna Troi so Special?

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