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"You Are Cordially Invited..." Aired 19 Years Ago Today

"You Are Cordially Invited..." Aired 19 Years Ago Today

Worf and Dax got hitched, Klingon-style, in “You Are Cordially Invited...,” the memorable Deep Space Nine episode that aired on November 10, 1997, or 19 years ago today. The show, directed by David Livingston, was the seventh episode of the series’ sixth season. To celebrate the anniversary, takes a look back at some “You Are Cordially Invited...” facts and anecdotes:

The working title was… “Once Upon a Wedding.”

Bob Blackman designed Worf and Jadzia’s wedding attire. Blackman, in an interview for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, explained, “The wedding garb was my interpretation of the original Klingon clothing that Robert Fletcher designed for Star Treks I-IV. And there was an element that had an Elizabethan doublet look to it.

A couple of cool Dax revelations: Jadzia’s father was named Kela, and Curzon Dax negotiated the Khitomer Accords.

A casting call was put out by the producers for the role of Lt. Atoa. They needed someone who could fire dance and act, and was a member of SAG, the Screen Actors Guild, as well. Much to their surprise, a dozen options presented themselves. And the role went to Sidney Liufau.

One of our favorite exchanges of dialogue played out as follows. "As you probably know by now, Jadzia and I will be married here on the station in six days,” Worf noted, prompting Dr. Bashir to comment, “There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding on DS9 in springtime." To which O’Brien added, “...when the neutrinos are in bloom.”

Aron Eisenberg was shocked to be asked to dance as Nog. Once he overcame his trepidation, he nailed what he jokingly referred to as the Ferengi Love Dance. Terry Farrell joining in on the dance as Dax was not planned. It occurred spontaneously on set.

According to Memory Alpha, “A scene in the script, but not in the final episode, involved the Starfleet members clearing out their quarters, which had been occupied by various members of the Dominion. Doctor Bashir's quarters were occupied by Weyoun, who was apparently fond of collecting various items and studying them in his quarters. The items included shoes, coasters, bits of string, broken bottles, power cells, picture frames, and chair legs. Nog's quarters were in an even worse state and had been occupied by Jake Sisko.”

Alexander Rozhenko, played by Marc Worden, makes his final Trek appearance in this episode. Worden also played Alexander in “Sons and Daughters" and later guest starred as a Klingon prisoner in the Enterprise episode "Affliction."

Also per Memory Alpha, “J.G. Hertzler (Martok) and Shannon Cochran (Sirella) based their performances in their scene together on Benedick and Beatrice in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.”

Terry Farrell and makeup maestro reunited on stage in 2014 at Star Trek Las Vegas, as Westmore applied Jadzia’s spots to Farrell for the 539th time. Once Westmore finished, Farrell vanished from the stage, returning a few moments later accompanied by Bob Blackman and wearing her old Jadzia wedding dress, all 37 pounds of it. It still fit perfectly, and the crowd went nuts.