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Will the Gorn's Ambush Be Successful?

Will the Gorn's Ambush Be Successful?

NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 13 in April and has exclusive First Looks at the upcoming trio of ships, which we'll showcase in a series of three articles. Today we look at the Independent Gorn Raider: Gornarus. When scoring a critical hit against an opponent’s hull, a player has the option to play the “Structural Damage” or “Weapons Malfunction” card from the damage deck rather than assigning a random damage card. S’sesslak allows for attack dice conversion when he is the Captain of a ship thus allowing greater flexibility in action choice. He can also bring the Faked Message Elite Talent upgrade to your force which will help ensure your opponent is exactly where you want them to be when the attack round starts. Slar can field the “Salvage” Elite Talent upgrade even though he does not have an Elite Talent slot on his card.

The Gorn Raiding Party will cause opposing ships to lower their shields and if there are no remaining shields, can be discarded to disable all Upgrades on the target ship. Players can also use the Targeted Phaser Strike to specifically disable Weapon Upgrades when they inflict damage on an attack. Jammed Communications will prevent ships from providing bonuses to one another originating from text abilities. Impulse Overload can be used when you need to get rid of a powerful Tech upgrade on an opposing ship. Improved Deflector Screens provide additional defensive capabilities as long as the ship has active shields.

Players will have some tough choices to make as they equip their Gorn Raider to undertake the Ambush At Cestus III mission. Will the Federation away team be able to make it back to their ship before the Gorn player destroys the Federation ship in orbit or will the Gorn’s ambush be successful?

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on for a preview of the next ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 13.