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Which TOS Episode Would Have Made The Best Movie?

Which TOS Episode Would Have Made The Best Movie?, in our most recent poll, asked the following question: Which Original Series episode would have made the best movie?

Thousands of fans responded and the winner is “Mirror, Mirror” with 28%.

That topped the totals of, in order:

What do you make of the results? While you consider that, below are a couple of comments posted by fans during the poll-taking process. And be sure to click on the links to watch these six great episodes, for free, here at “I love ‘Doomsday Machine,’ but I'm concerned that the effects and Windom's dying scene would be too over-the-top on a big screen. ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is also a great episode, but I wouldn't want newbies to see the bit about being transported into the counterparts' uniforms and Kirk-having-sex-to-save-the-day. I think that ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ is thought-provoking, and ‘Balance of Terror’ is applicable to today's international problems-- so either would be a great choice to watch on a big screen and then talk about afterward with your friends at the food court.” – Mela Kirkwood“People are voting ‘Mirror,Mirror’? Really? Honestly I think ‘The Doomsday Machine’ would make a better movie than these other choices, or maybe even ‘Balance of Terror’ if they did it right, but ‘Mirror, Mirror?’ Come on. It's not a bad episode, but it wouldn't be a very good movie.” – Beloved Ingenium