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What Would Captain Picard Do?

What Would Captain Picard Do?

What Would Captain Picard Do? It's a great question -- and an even better title for a book. And guess what? It's now a book for kids in grades 8-12 and, no doubt, for young-at-heart Star Trek: The Next Generation fans. The official title is What Would Captain Picard Do? Captain's Orders from the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Here's the full synopsis from the publisher, Penguin/Random House:

Fans of of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Captain Jean Luc Picard explore a galaxy of advice in this fun pop philosophy book narrated by Captain Picard himself.

The cosmos is filled with a great many wonders—uncharted worlds, bizarre life forms, chaos, and calm. Keep your mind open as you navigate through this collection of scenarios as Captain Picard teaches you how to handle even the most challenging situations. The possibilities are as limitless as the universe itself.

Written by Brandon T. Snider, who also penned What Would Captain Kirk Do?, the new book runs 80 pages, is available now and costs $7.99. Go to to purchase it.