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WATCH: Short Film Spoof Directed By Tim Russ

WATCH: Short Film Spoof Directed By Tim Russ

Tim Russ obviously has a sweet tooth for parody. Star Trek: Voyager's stoic Tuvok recently directed Cavity, a film short that spoofed the acclaimed blockbuster Gravity. Just as Gravity got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, Cavity got a Toscar nomination for Best Film. Sadly, like Gravity, Cavity didn't win the big prize, but it's still an honor to be nominated, right? By the way, that's not a typo; the Toscars are an annual award parody event.

Cavity was among the 10 nominees for Best Toscar Film, going up against Dallas Biters Club, The Fox of Wolf St., British Hustle, Knobraska, Shaving Mr. Hanks, 12 Days a Stripper and others. And when the awards were handed out on Feb. 26 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, the Toscar went to Terminate Her, a parody of Her. is pleased to share with fans the Cavity short, as well as a separate making-of documentary, both courtesy of producer Heath Deatherage, and we also spoke to Russ, who makes a quickie cameo in Cavity.

"I was asked to come on board as director last minute because this particular group didn't have anyone resources to pull off the short in the time they had," says Russ, noting that 10 different teams had just three weeks each to make their respective parodies. "I had lenses, my know-how and (other) equipment. The cast was made up of the group members and was already determined by the time I joined them.

"My goal was to work with the writer of the short, which was contributed to by several group members and voted on," Russ continues, "and to focus on as many of the  original film's main elements so the spoofed elements would be easily recognizable."