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Ward-Dilmore Writing Duo Calls It Quits

Ward-Dilmore Writing Duo Calls It Quits

Star Trek fiction’s longest-running writer bromance may be coming to an end, is saddened to report. Representatives for longtime collaborators Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore released a joint statement to us today, announcing the authors would not be working together for the foreseeable future. According to their publicists, the relationship has been “on the rocks” for quite some time and their editor has advised a trial separation for an as-yet undetermined length of time.

Co-writers for nearly two decades, Ward and Dilmore began working together in 2000, beginning with articles for Star Trek Communicator magazine before turning their sights on the world of Star Trek literature. Over the course of their writing partnership, the pair has been responsible for more than thirty magazine articles and over twenty novels and novellas for Star Trek fiction publisher Pocket Books.

As part of the separation terms, they’ve agreed to an amicable division of their backlist. Ward will retain custody of their contributions to the Star Trek Vanguard series, for example, while their Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers novellas will remain with Dilmore. Details included with the press release show that Dilmore also will be keeping Ward’s science fiction novel The Last World War and its sequel. This has already fueled speculation that Dilmore may have ghostwritten those books along with others that credit Ward as the sole author. Requests for clarification from the authors’ representatives have not yet been answered.

Interestingly, neither writer seems keen to take possession of Wet Work, their 2008 novel based on the TV series The 4400. At press time, the disposition of this book remains unclear.

While Dilmore seems content to work solo for his next project, reports are surfacing that Ward may partner with fellow Star Trek author Scott Pearson for at least one novel. When asked for comment, Pearson fiercely denied the claim. “Work with Ward? To hell with that diva. I’d rather swim the Hudson buck naked with a paper cut on my scrotum.”

The announcement is also having an effect on Ward and Dilmore’s upcoming joint appearance schedule. Convention planners have been advised to make sure the authors are not seated next to each other during book signings, or scheduled on the same discussion panels or other convention activities.

In the face of this distressing news, fans worried about the future of the formerly dependable and enduring collaboration are encouraged to be patient and supportive while remaining faithful.

“Every relationship hits the occasional rough patch,” said one publicist when asked for additional comment. “Though they’ve agreed they can see other writers, Dayton and Kevin are committed to salvaging their writing partnership. They have a strong desire to continue creating new stories together and entertaining their loyal readership.”

Ward’s wife is also hopeful that the duo will reunite sooner rather than later.

“If Dayton doesn’t get back with Kevin or find someone else to play with, that means I’ll have to go with him to all those nerdy movies and conventions they used to do. There’s just not enough wine in the world for that.” will continue to monitor this story and release new information as the situation develops.

UPDATE: It seems to have been an April Fool's joke!