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Voyager's "Warlord" 20 Years Later

Voyager's "Warlord" 20 Years Later

The Star Trek: Voyager episode “Warlord” premiered on November 20, 1996 – or 20 years ago today. The episode gave Trek fans a most unusual sight: Kes as a badass. Yes, she was inhabited by another being, Tieran, but still, it was pretty cool, right down to her costume. So, to celebrate “Warlord,” here are some facts, figures, anecdotes and quotes about/from the episode:

The working title of the episode was “The Art of War.” It was the 10th episode of Voyager’s third season.

Several guest stars in this episode appeared in previous and/or future Trek episodes, including Brad Greenquist, Galyn Gorg, Leigh J. McCloskey and Karl Weidergott.

The Paxau Resort hologram program made its debut in “Warlord. In that scene Paxau sequence, Neelix danced with three lovely ladies. Some things you just can't unsee, like the closeup of the Talaxian's feet.

Kes, as Tieran, terminated her relationship with Neelix. As fans know, that relationship never really recovered from the events that occurred here.

Anthony Crivello, who played Adin, recently co-starred in the family movie Emma’s Chance. The lead in that film was Greer Grammer, the daughter of Cheers and Frasier actor Kelsey Grammer, a longtime Trek fan who, of course, portrayed Captain Bateson in the TNG episode “Cause and Effect.”

“Warlord” was one of 28 Voyager episodes directed by David Livingston. He directed a total of 62 episodes of Trek, spanning TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. One of our favorite exchanges of dialogue:

KES: “How can I go back to my normal life as if nothing ever happened?"

TUVOK: "You cannot. This experience will force you to adapt. You are no longer the same person and the course of your life will change as a result. Where that new course leads... is up to you."