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Troi to the Rescue!

Troi to the Rescue!

It's Deanna Troi to the rescue in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #2, the latest Star Trek comic book from IDW Publishing. Out on Wednesday, May 23, Terra Incognita #2 is written by Scott Tipton & David Tipton, with Carlos Nieto providing the art and Tony Shasteen rendering the cover. is pleased to share First Looks at Shasteen's A cover and a variant cover, as well as details about the adventure.

The logline of Terra Incognita #2 reads as follows: When a routine diplomatic mission takes a catastrophic turn, Counselor Deanna Troi is the only thing that stands between the Federation and the prospect of galactic war.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #2 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99.

Fans should also be on the lookout for variant covers by Elizabeth Beals and J.K. Woodward, as well as a B photo cover.

For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. Keep an eye on for additional details about the IDW's upcoming Star Trek adventures, as well as exclusive First Looks at covers and preview pages.