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Trek's Most Awkward Moments Are...

Trek's Most Awkward Moments Are...

We can't -- and don't -- make this stuff up, but today is apparently National Awkward Moments Day. Yup, it's a thing. So, in advance of it, we asked readers to pick what they considered the most awkward moments on Star Trek. Below are some images and gifs of the top replies:

In "Favorite Son," when Harry Kim thought himself as a special alien these women fancied... until he discovered the women only wanted him for his DNA. Awkward!

When Spock thought he had killed Kirk and, when he realized he was alive, shouted "Jim!" with all the excitement -- and a huge smile on his face.

That time when Mr. Barclay was on the Enterprise and Captain Picard tries talking to him on the bridge, mispronouncing his name from Barclay to the slang Mr. Broccoli... very awkward for him, indeed.

I'd have to go with the 30 seconds it took Jadzia to totally "friend zone" Dr Bashir in S01E16 "If Wishes Were Horses.”

The scene in "Plato's Stepchildren" where Spock dances around Kirk's head and Kirk pretends to be a horse for Alexander.

Voyager... when an evolved Tom Paris took Janeway on a transwarp trip to kickstart her evolution process, so they could reproduce on a foreign planet.

Picard waking up in bed next to Q ("Tapestry")