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Trek's Creepiest Villains

Trek's Creepiest Villains recently took to Twitter and Facebook to ask fans the following question: "Which Star Trek villains were the creepiest, and why?" Here are a few of our favorite responses:


@Sepulcher67 wrote: "Still going with the "salt monster." That costume is just downright frightening. Even after all these years."

@RachaelMunns wrote: "The Platonians in "Plato's Stepchildren," sadistic race of humanoids that use telekinesis to bend the wills of those around them, scary af."

@Dartron44O wrote: "I know there where a lot of creepy ones. But the Borg bugged me out the most. The whole mechanical humanoid, just.... uhhhhgh"

@Eric_Hanke wrote: "Gorgan from "And the Children Shall Lead." He used and manipulated children to help him kill people."


Marley Mcleay wrote: "Oh, has to be that nest of crawly things in TNG's "Conspiracy" found in Remmick's neck."

Daniel Doodle wrote: "Tribbles. Everyone thinks they're so damn cute... but they're up to something. Nothing is that cute and not be evil!!!"

Rob Marsh wrote: "The Ceti Eel. Because it enters through the ear and wraps itself around the cerebral cortex. Later... as they grow... follows madness.... and death."

And what’s YOUR answer?