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Trek Tones For Mobile Devices Available On iTunes

Trek Tones For Mobile Devices Available On iTunes

It’s official. Star Trek alert tones – for iOS mobile devices -- are now available on iTunes. Fans can choose from more than 100 Original Series and The Next Generation alert tone options. Among the options are Spock: “Live Long and Prosper;" Kirk: “Space. The Final Frontier;” McCoy: “I’m not a magician, Spock;” Picard: “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” Sound effects include a Boatswain Whistle and Communicator Beeps.

The tones can be used in a number of ways on a user’s phone, such as reminders, Tweets, ringtones, email notifications, text message alerts and calendar notifications. The Star Trek tones are available now on iTunes and cost 99 cents each.

Tones can be found on your iOS device by

-Opening iTunes

-Searching for "Star Trek"

-Scrolling down to "Alert Tones"

-Clicking "See All"

Readers on mobile iOS can link directly to the iTunes Store here for The Original Series, here for The Next Generation, and here for selections from both series.