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Trek Fans Get Hitched at STLV

Trek Fans Get Hitched at STLV

So, you’re in love. You love Star Trek. And you love Elvis Presley. What do you do? Well, if your Astrid Dees and Chris Miller, you get married at Star Trek Las Vegas, in a ceremony officiated by Star Trek Elvis. The happy couple tied the knot on August 4, exchanging their vows in front of the Guardian of Forever display at the Rio Suites Hotel. And, we’re not kidding about Star Trek Elvis. The Elvis impersonator, resplendent in a white jumpsuit bling-ed out Trek-style, is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.]

Dees looked gorgeous and ecstatic, and Miller seemed to be enjoying the fun, too, as supporters old and new bore witness at the joyous occasion. Right after, Star Trek Elvis told, “It’s always fun to preside over weddings for people. And I’ll definitely remember this one, since it’s my first Star Trek wedding. I hope to do more.” also spoke, separately, to the bride and groom, and here’s what they had to say:

Astrid, how did you guys meet? We heard it was at a Star Trek convention.

Astrid: We met a few years ago at a Star Trek convention in Nashville. I'm from Knoxville, Tennessee, and he's from Indianapolis. We stayed in touch for a couple of years and he had moved over to Raleigh and invited me to come hang out. We had been talking a little bit and our hearts exploded and it was wonderful and we have our love of Star Trek together.

And how did it come to pass that you married in Vegas, at a Trek convention, with Star Trek Elvis officiating?

Astrid: Chris said, “What's your dream wedding?” I said, “I want to get married at the 50th Anniversary Convention by a Star Trek Elvis.”

Why Star Trek Elvis?

Astrid: I love Star Trek. I love Elvis. I love kitsch. I love retro things, so it just was a good mash up for me.

And what was it like to have it be real? You got your wish.

Astrid: It was awesome. I'm ready to relax and just enjoy the con, to be honest. It felt very relaxed and it was a great time. Most of the people here today, I had never met and I just know online, so it was awesome to meet them for the first time, here, at my wedding.

Are you going to Risa for the honeymoon? Where will you guys honeymoon?

Astrid: This is pretty much it for us for now. We're going to plan some trips later, but we want to relax and enjoy ourselves and just be in our happy place. This is it.

Where are you guys going to live?

Astrid: We live in Raleigh.

Chris, talk about meeting your future wife at a Star Trek convention. How did that happen?

Chris: Oh, my goodness. It was about four years ago, a convention in Tennessee. I think we were trying to feel out whether they were willing to do a Star Trek convention or not. I think Astrid was doing the same thing. We were both independent parties. I was dressed up as Judge Q, and she followed me from across the room and our eyes met and we walked for a little bit. That was it.

What was she wearing?

Chris: She was wearing an Original Seriesoutfit, but a little unconventional. She had a hula hoop and all that, and it was The Original Series kind of outfit, but no character in particular. Our eyes met and we talked for a little bit. That was about it. We became Facebook friends, but that was all. We kept in touch, obviously. I had moved a couple years later a little closer to where she was. I was in Indianapolis, and she was in Tennessee. We met together in North Carolina and this is actually our first con together since that time.

Really, since the one you first met at?

Chris: Yeah. The stars didn't align. I traveled a little bit. We had done things here and there. Again, not together. This is our first time at a con together, first time in Las Vegas together, and we obviously got married.

What was the experience like, getting hitched right here, just a few minutes ago?

Chris: It was fantastic. Everybody's been great. The venue's been great. Everybody is awesome. Everybody is friendly at these cons, very friendly and accepting. A couple personal friends and a lot of Facebook friends, and after that, a lot of Star Trek friends came in after that. I appreciate everybody coming out for us.

What did you think when Astrid said, "Hey, let's get Star Trek Elvis"?

Chris: You have to let the woman have what she wants in the wedding. That was totally her idea. I didn't push at all and I loved it. Like I say, we had done Trek things independently, so when we came together, I wouldn't have asked her to do it, but when she wanted to do that, I was all in. I think it's great. Being in Vegas with Star Trek, and with the 50th anniversary, it all worked out really well.

Astrid said this is the honeymoon for the moment, but where do you eventually hope to go?

Chris: We’re going to stay in Vegas for the rest of this trip. Maybe in a year or two we might plan another getaway to like Japan or something. We're talking about a place neither of us has been before. But, this trip, yeah, we're staying in Vegas. We might go out the Grand Canyon. We’ll have a nice dinner tonight.

Real fast, what's your favorite Star Trek show?

Chris: I’m a TNG guy.

And Astrid?

Chris: Also TNG. Something in common, right?

Please join in wishing Astrid and Chris a long and prosperous life together.