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Trek Character Who Should Have Died Differently Is...

Trek Character Who Should Have Died Differently Is...

Our latest poll question -- Which Star Trek character should have died differently? – generated lots of reaction from fans. In fact, more than 10,000 of you voted. Not too surprisingly, Kirk was the winner, but the shocker was that he only tallied 29% of the vote. Kirk was followed closely by Tasha Yar with 21%, Data with 21% (though Yar bested Data by 11 votes; see, every vote counts), Jadzia Dax with 15% and Trip Tucker with 14%. So, how did your choice fare?

Captain Kirk- 29%

Tasha Yar- 21%

Data- 21%

Jadzia Dax- 15%

Trip Tucker- 14%

Here’ what some of your fellow fans had to say in our comments section:“Kirk: Most useless death.” – Brody Nyboer“Tasha... That was just useless and only worked in writing Denise Crosby out.” – Tanja Fledermaus“Data, Trip and Kirk had memorable deaths and at least a form of Tasha came back (daughter), but Jadzia's was just plain wrong.” – Chelsea Alonzo“Tasha & Data both should have NOT died; content with Kirk's death, though, it was the best way to say goodbye for him.” -- Jennifer Rhoades“Tasha's death was pointless and stupid. I hated it.” – Jondi Schmitt-Soper“At least Trip, Data and Kirk died to save others. Dax's death sucked, and so did Tasha's.” – Chris Clemente“Worst death in Star Trek was the death of Kirk!” – Rainer H. Weninger“The deaths of Kirk, Data, Dax, and Trip were all pointless and didn't need to happen. At least Spock's death meant something, but of course like all the others (except Trip) he got a resurrection.... making it kind of pointless too. I can't really say who's was the worst, all I know is that the most painful one for me personally was seeing the Enterprise blow up in ST 3.” – Jon Hammond“Jadzia Dax and Trip Tucker should never have died in my opinion.” – Jennifer Lee