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Trek & CBS to Receive Emmy's Governors Award

Trek & CBS to Receive Emmy's Governors Award

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has announced that the Star Trek franchise and CBS Television Studios are this year’s recipient of the Governors Award for its contribution to society and media for 50-plus years.

"Star Trek is the first television program I can remember watching as a child, and has always been ahead of its time," said Governors Award Committee chair Mark Spatny. "Not only have all the franchises promoted inclusiveness and acceptance of all people, and inspired creative thought about space exploration and our future, but the technical innovations sparked by the franchise are incredibly significant to the evolution of television production, and also to the communication and computer tools we use in our daily life. We are honored to present this award to a franchise that has made such a lasting contribution to both television and our society."

Each year, the Board of Governors of the Academy of Television Arts & Science, at the Annual Emmy Awards Presentation, grants a Governors Award to an individual, company, organization or project for outstanding achievement in the arts and sciences or management of television which is either of a cumulative nature or so extraordinary and universal in nature as to go beyond the scope of the Emmy Awards presented in the categories and areas of the competition.

The Governors Award will be presented to the Star Trek franchise and CBS Television Studios during the 2018 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, to be held on Saturday, September 8.