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Trek #50 & Starfleet Academy Comic Books

Trek #50 & Starfleet Academy Comic Books

IDW Publishing will officially launch its epic Star Trek/Green Lantern comic book crossover at Comic-Con in San Diego on July 9, and they've also just announced two additional Star Trek comic book projects that will debut in 2015. Up first, and out in October, will be Star Trek #50. It will mark one of the longest-running Trek comic-book series produced by any publisher. Mike Johnson, veteran Trek comic book writer, will craft the special anniversary issue, which will start with a three-part adventure that will introduce the "Mirror/Mirror" storyline into the alternative reality universe of the current Trek

films.Then, in December, IDW aims to imbue Star Trek lore with a fresh dynamic by debuting a brand-new miniseries, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy. Mike Johnson and Ryan Parrot will team up to write it, while fan favorite Derek Charm is on board to create the art. The story will follow Kirk, Spock, Uhura and a few surprise faces while they're all still cadets-in-training at Starfleet Academy, with the action set in the period just before the opening of the film Star Trek (2009). Readers, at the same time, will meet the all-new "current-day" class of Starfleet cadets, which will feature compelling young characters from across the galaxy. And, when a mystery bridges the two timelines, the past and present will collide.“IDW is proud to have been partnered with Star Trek for nearly a fifth of its lifespan so far,” said IDW Editor-In-Chief Chris Ryall. “As these new comic book projects, and many others coming soon, will show, we’ve got plenty of exciting new ways to bring Star Trek stories to the fans.”

“The fan enthusiasm surrounding Starfleet Academy, much like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, or X-Men’s Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, shows that the educational lives of our most beloved heroes makes for fantastic stories,” said IDW editor Sarah Gaydos. “I am so excited to flesh out a new chapter in the lives of the Enterprise crew, while introducing you to a great new team of recruits - - ready to boldly go!”For those attending Comic-Con, be sure to join Mike Johnson, Derek Charm and Sarah Gaydos on Friday, July 10 (4PM-5PM) for the IDW: The Best Panel On Recorded History, where they will discuss these Star Trek projects and more. ---

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