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Toy Company TOMY Readies for Mission with Limited-Edition U.S.S. Enterprise Replica

Pre-orders for the Prestige Select 32-inch die-cast metal replica open until July 24!

The TOMY replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

With over 75 years of replica expertise, TOMY International is currently running a pre-order campaign for the limited-edition Prestige Select collectible, Star Trek NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise replica. Pre-order by July 24, 2022!

The high quality and finely detailed 1:350 die-cast model, weighing over 20 lbs, is based on the 11 ft studio starship prop from Star Trek: The Original Series, which was previously in exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. The replica, exquisitely crafted with over 250 meticulous details, will feature motorized revolving nacelles with lights, articulated and lit hangar deck, illuminated bridge, glowing impulse drive, and separate primary and secondary hulls, bringing the Enterprise to life.

The TOMY replica of the TOS Enterprise.

A special bonus was recently announced that every U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 replica will include three Class F shuttlecrafts, NCC-1701/2 Columbus, NCC-1701/7 Galileo, and NCC-1701/12 Copernicus, that will fit inside the Hangar Bay.

Technical consultant Gary Kerr, the premier authority on the Enterprise studio model, worked with TOMY to nail the intricate details. Kerr, who also consulted on the 2016 Smithsonian restoration project, shared, "This model represents the culmination of my 30+ years of research and data related to the studio model. The saucer separation capability, designed with input from well-known starship designers, sets this model apart from all previous efforts. The level of detail, saucer separation, working lights, and overall die cast metal construction demonstrate extraordinary attention to detail."

TOMY’s senior concept and design manager Chris Huisman, a life-long Star Trek fan with over 25 years of toy and replica manufacturing experience, shared with how the limited-edition Prestige Select Star Trek NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise project from Paramount and TOMY came to fruition. Tell us about your experience with the Star Trek universe and why this project is so special to you.

Chris Huisman: I watched Star Trek re-runs growing up and became addicted to TNG in the ‘80s. I’ve been watching everything ever since, and have built a few model ships as well. In the late ‘90s, a company I was with made pewter Star Trek collectibles, and while I didn’t get to work on the project, it was great to see the product being developed.

Was there any episode or storyline involving the Enterprise starship that really captivated you and spurred your passion for developing this replica?

CH: Honestly, the very first episode of TNG where the hull separates blew my mind because it was the first time that I saw it on-screen! That made me wonder if all the Enterprises were capable of hull separation and consequently sparked my inspiration to include it in this limited-edition replica of The Original Series' Enterprise.

What is your favorite aspect of the original series Prestige Select U.S.S. Enterprise replica?

CH: The attention to detail that replicates the 11’ Smithsonian model of course, but also the saucer separation feature that Roddenberry had written into the scripts. It’s a great piece of the original Star Trek history that we were able to include for this version that takes it to another level.

Are there any features that collectors will find surprising?

CH: The die-cast construction and the electronics. We’re giving fans a quality and level of detail that will make this model really stand out.

The nacelles of the TOMY replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

What did you learn about The Original Series'U.S.S. Enterprise, or Star Trek in general, while working on this project that you didn’t know before?

CH: When I first started researching this project, I found a very knowledgeable and very respected individual named Gary Kerr, who took me on a deep dive into the inner workings of the original series U.S.S. Enterprise with amazing facts and tidbits of information that not very many are familiar with. Gary also helped in the restoration of the original 11’ studio model for display at the Smithsonian, which was a tremendous advantage in ironing out the fine details and the color specs. Having his input and insights available were a great asset as we worked to bring this version to life.

I really enjoyed working with Gary on this project because every conversation with him resulted in new details and intricacies that I had no idea existed.  Some of the most interesting details were related to the hangar bay, the window patterns, and the navigation lights.  Even the smallest inquiries led to insightful two-hour conversations!

What are you most excited to introduce to new and old fans alike about The Original Series' U.S.S. Enterprise?

CH: For new fans, I’m excited to bring them an amazing replica of the original series U.S.S. Enterprise because it paved the way for all the ground-breaking starship designs that you see in all of the shows and movies.  You could call it the G.O.A.T. of the Star Trek universe!  Regarding the old school fans, I’m excited to bring them some details that have not been seen before in replica form.

As a fan myself, I understand the passion for Star Trek on a personal level. I’m excited to see these in the hands of the dedicated fanbase, and I look forward to seeing them displayed in different ways as a part of other fans’ collections.

A behind the scenes look at the replica.

Where will you display yours?

CH: Front and center in my sci-fi spaceship collection!  All my current toys and collectibles will have to take a backseat to the original!

In your opinion, what makes the Enterprise the best starship in the Federation?

CH: The best thing about the Enterprise is that it has essentially become a character of its own.  There is so much action and adventure that revolves around the flagship of Starfleet; it’s really difficult to deny it’s awesomeness. It’s so iconic that when you see any version of the Enterprise, you know it’s Star Trek!

The detachable saucer of the TOMY replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

The TOMY U.S.S. Enterprise will be priced at $599 USD (continental United States only) and production will begin in the fall after the goal of 2,500 pieces is met. The TOMY Prestige Select NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise starship is scheduled to deliver to buyers in Summer 2023. The campaign wraps July 24, 2022 — be sure to pre-order by then! For more information, please visit