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Totally Irreverent Launches Star Trek Tees

Totally Irreverent Launches Star Trek Tees

Totally Irreverent, a brand-new Australian retailer of retro tee-shirts, is about to enter the Star Trek game, making its presence felt with a quintet of colorful Trek tees that will be available in Australia starting tomorrow. The shirts include: a Khaki Shield Tee, Group Shot Tee, Spock Head Tee, Comic Cover Tee and, our personal favorite, the Vulcan Greeting Tee, with the phrase “Live Long and Prosper” in Japanese.

“Totally Irreverent has been online for about five months,” says Shiraj Sen, the company’s manager. “Being a Star Trek fan for the most part of my life, especially The Original Series and The Next Generation, it was a dream of mine to get Star Trek on Totally Irreverent. With the designs, we wanted to encompass almost every aspect of TOS, from the TV series through to the comics. We have a great in-house designer, and these are all her designs.”

Discussing each design, Sen starts with the Khaki Shield Tee, calling it “almost a no-brainer – we wanted to have the shield as part of our range due to its iconic stature.” The Group Shot Tee is an extension of the Shield Tee. “Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Bones are as iconic as the Star Trek brand itself,” Sen says, “and, therefore, the tee.” Of the Spock Head Tee, Sen says, “I love the art, with Spock’s head among the stars.” The Comic Cover Tee depicts the full, vibrant cover of the Gold Key Star Trek comic “Death of a Star,” published in 1975. “We absolutely love this cover,” Sen says, “and had to put it on one of our tees.” Finally, there’s the Vulcan Greeting Tee. “Being Spock fans, we had to have a couple of tees dedicated to him,” Sen says. “Just having ‘Live Long and Prosper’ in English didn’t appeal to us, therefore the Japanese text, which also gives it a cool Oriental look. I would love to see (Leonard) Nimoy do that in Japanese.”

Sen reports that five more shirts will be added to the Totally Irreverent line by the end of the year, perhaps even earlier. Fans should expect some TNG art as well in the next batch. “I would love,” Sen says, “to do a Data tee.” In the meantime, the five TOS-style tees will be available in Australia starting tomorrow, priced at $20 Australian each.

Click HERE to check out the TOS tees on the Totally Irreverent site.