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Top 6 Takeaways from "War Without" After Trek

Top 6 Takeaways from "War Without" After Trek

Last night's After Trek zeroed in on "The War Without, The War Within," with host Matt Mira leading a discussion with Doug Jones, Star Trek: Discovery executive producer/director Olatunde Osunsanmi, and Dear White People creator Justin Simien, who's also a major Trek fan.

Here are our top six After Trek takeaways:

The Georgiou Surprise

Jones noted Saru's shock at seeing Emperor Georgiou in the Discovery transporter room, asking, "Where the heck did she come from?" Mira wondered if Saru would have acted impulsively, like Burnham did, to save Georgiou. "There would be the mom figure that I have an emotional attachment to," he replied. "Would I want to save that? yes. But I'm also well aware by now, then, that she would have wanted me for dinner. So, I think self-preservation would say, 'You can just stay right here in this little mirror universe.' That's what I would have said."

9 Months of Hell.

Discovery, upon her return home to our universe, wound up off the mark by nine months, enough time for the Klingons to have taken control and left Starfleet decimated and on the defensive. That alone, Osunsanmi argued, was enough to explain Admiral Cornwell boarding the Discovery by force and Sarek mind-melding with the crew, also by force. "What do you have to go through to institute that? And have it be so normal," he asked. "They're so efficient about it. So, they've done it before. You imagine they've gone through a lot. And I can imagine you could probably do a whole series on those nine months."

Celebrating Black History Month

After Trek, in its first bumper video, took note of Black History Month. And it did so with shoutouts to Nichelle Nichols and Avery Brooks.

All You Need Is Love

Mira led the group in a conversation about the present and future of the Burnham-Tyler relationship. Can it be saved? Is there any hope for them? Mira pointed to the beautiful scene between Sarek and Burnham, in which the Vulcan urges her to never forget loving someone, and the scene in which Tilly pleaded with Burnham to talk to Tyler. "I certainly hope that love trumps all," Osunsanmi said. "You find out your lover is a Klingon... That's a lot... We'll see what (the writers) come up with."


After Trek's "Quoteworthy" segment included a trio of memorable comments by Sarek, Tilly and Cornwell.

Tales from the Set

In the latest "Tales from the Set" interstitial piece, Mary Wiseman talked about how the cast and crew have grown more and more comfortable with each other over time. And that's led to more and more singing, dancing, joking and impressions. Check out the video for some of that dancing...

Next on Discovery

Viewers were treated to a juicy clip from next week's episode, the first-season finale. In it, Emperor Georgiou and Saru sniped at one another on the Discovery bridge. "She's looking at me," Jones joked, "like I'm delicious."

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