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This Star Trek Wedding Might Inspire Your Own

Meet Serina and Pamela, who took their vows dressed as Captain Janeway and B’Elanna Torres.


Serina and Pamela met at a house party in Glasgow and found themselves talking for hours about their mutual love of movies and 80s rock music. Surprisingly, considering their wedding a few years later, the pair didn’t discuss Star Trek. “We didn’t know when we first met that we were Trekkies,” Serina explains. “Pamela had been a Trekkie since she was a little kid, along with her parents and two younger siblings.” Her parents had even attended Star Trek conventions and met a lot of the cast.

Star Trek: Voyager

Serina’s story with Star Trek begins with Pamela. While a science fiction nerd, she preferred Star Wars and The X-Files. That is until Pamela introduced her to Voyager. The pair watched all of Voyager together, then moved on to the other series. Serina loved them all. The two joined a local group called The Valiant, which runs many Star Trek charity conventions, and became lifelong friends with cosplayers Kevin the Klingon and Guinan Linda.

It’s no surprise then that when the two were planning their red carpet themed wedding a few years later, they decided to dress up as their favorite Voyager characters — Serina as Captain Janeway and Pamela as B’Elanna Torres. Their wedding was the first time they’d dressed up as their favorite characters.

“It was such an awesome day. Our friends still talk about it today as the most fun wedding they have been to,” Serina says. The couple planned and organized the wedding themselves. “We ordered our costumes and badges online and then had them tailored to fit better. I [Serina] had my hair cut like Captain Janeway’s and styled to sit the same. Pamela’s hair was naturally like B’Elanna’s but she got it cut a little shorter to suit; she never went with the partial Klingon head as it kept falling off.”

The couple’s favorite part of the wedding were the two cakes: a full Star Trek: Voyager ship —even the nacelles were edible — and a Borg Cube. They borrowed Kevin the Klingon’s bat’leth for the cake cutting.

Star Trek: Voyager

Many of the guests dressed as Star Trek characters, from Klingons to Guinan, Chakotay, and Captain Kirk and of course several Starfleet officers. “A few of us got up on stage to sing 'Star Trekkin’” Serina says. “For decoration, we had a Starfleet Academy badge on the stage. There was a DS9 on a wall somewhere too.”

Star Trek: Voyager

Serina had a silver mug (much like Captain Janeway’s coffee mug) and every time she needed a new drink the bartender filled up the captain’s mug. “They knew what drink I took… because of course, it was for the Captain!”

The pair even inspired some of their guests to have their own Star Trek weddings. “Our advice if you are planning your own Star Trek wedding is to just enjoy it,” Serina says. “And remember, the small details are the ones you always remember (like my mug). And get an awesome cake! Ours was photographed more than anything.”

Almost ten years later and Star Trek is still a massive part of Serina and Pamela’s life. “When I was pregnant, we re-watched Voyager and Tristan used to kick in my belly to the theme tune,” Serina recalls. “When he was 4 weeks old, he attended a cinema event at Glasgow Science Centre IMAX with The Valiant dressed as a baby Klingon. Klingon Kevin named him baby Tri’Anth of house Karastai (Kevin’s house), Pamela dressed in full Klingon battle gear, and I was a Vulcan from the Enterprise era, loosely based on T’Pol.”

Star Trek: Voyager

Clearly, this family are Trekkies for life. “It’s our 10 year wedding anniversary next year, and you never know, we may have a Star Trek-themed party.”

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Margaret Kingsbury (she/her) writes about children's books at Baby Librarians, a website she co-founded, and is a contributing writer at Book Riot, where she raves about SFF books she loves. You can find her on Twitter @areaderlymom and on Instagram @babylibrarians.