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This Month in Trek: Looking Back

September showed us the best of the 'Star Trek' community from all sides.


Each month, scours the internet for the best mentions, writing, art, crafting, and all-around creative endeavors from the global Star Trek community. Our picks for September include a resurfaced review of "All Good Things...," some Klingon inspired looks at Paris Fashion Week, and several loving tributes to one of our own. contributor Ryan Britt did some digging recently, and found a diary penned review his 12-year-old self wrote of the TNG finale, "All Good Things...". He transcribed it for, where he is a staff writer. Check out the excerpt below, and read his entire reflection here:

The two-hour finale entitled “All Good Things…” was very good, and it dealt with Captain Picard shifting back and forth through time to the past, to the first mission of the Enterprise, the present, and the future where he is an old man with a disease...

...The end was very good with Picard sitting down with this crew for the last time playing poker.

It was a good way to end the series.

We think everyone aboard Voyager would be happy to see that, like themselves, this rehabbed sea turtle also managed to make it back home. Congratulations, Captain Janeway!

Speculation is starting to build around Star Trek: Picard; so much so that fans have started compiling watch lists based on perceived clues from the first trailers and SDCC panel. posted their list of 'essential' episodes to help old fans and new alike understand the character of Jean-Luc Picard, writing:

To help you prepare for Star Trek: Picard, we’ve put together the following essential viewing guide to the general arc of Jean-Luc's character -- these are the episodes of Star Trek: TNG (and a movie) that exemplify the character at his finest, or depict him encountering scenarios that put his talents and moxie most sharply on display. These stories also help illustrate the path his life has taken since joining Starfleet.

If nothing else, we can agree that their list —which includes TNG episodes like "The Measure of a Man" and "The Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 & 2"— contains some darn good Star Trek!

Canada's Ottowa Public Health found a creative way to get the message out on hyposprays— or, as we know them, vaccines.

Meanwhile, in France, the Duras Sisters seem to have made an appearance at the Rick Owens show for Paris Fashion Week. Do we think designer Owens is a Trek fan?

Finally, the Star Trek family suffered a hard loss in September when Deep Space Nine's Aron Eisenberg passed away suddenly at age 50. We do not yet know the cause of death. However, we do know that immediately words of love and support for Eisenberg's family and friends began to pour in.

To honor his friend's passing in his own way, TNG's Wil Wheaton wrote on his personal site that he began watching DS9 for the first time. "With the passing my my friend, Aron, last week, I thought that I could remember and honor him by finally watching the series he gave so many years of his life and career to," the Wesley Crusher actor wrote. It may have surprised fans to learn that the actor hadn't yet watched the show —which overlapped, for some years, with TNG— but Wheaton's introduction to the series is summed up perfectly in the final lines of his entry, "Aron’s performance is sensational, by the way. But if you watched DS9, you already know that."

Over at Star Trek Online, fans held an in-game candlelight vigil for the Nog actor:

Of the in-game event, STO's Mike Fatum wrote:

With the news of Aron Eisenberg’s passing, players in Star Trek Online gathered in Quark’s Bar on Deep Space Nine, and at Nog and Jake’s favorite spot to sit on the promenade, to pay tribute. Aron was more than just a celebrity guest to the developers and players of STO – Nog became a Captain in their 2410 era, and appeared in game several times as part of a story contact, and as the face of the game welcoming back new players. He developed deep friendships with the members of the STO team, and we will miss him terribly.


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And, finally, this past weekend, Eisenberg's son ran a similar tribute within the game World of Warcraft:


Each and every word written and game played proved a fitting tribute for a deeply beloved man. RIP, Aron Eisenberg.