Each month, StarTrek.com scours the internet for the best mentions, writing, art, crafting, and all-around creative endeavors from the global Star Trek community. Our picks for March include sonnets from Patrick Stewart, Star Trek trivia, the best of your Animal Crossing crossovers and more!

An unexpected TNG reunion? What a birthday treat! Marina Sirtis' castmates surprised her with a Zoom video conference for her birthday this past month!


We’re all waiting for Star Trek: Lower Decks with baited breath over here, but with no show on the air yet, we weren’t expecting to see cosplay anytime soon. But as always, our fans have gone above and beyond.

Speaking of this amazing fan community, please get your tissues ready (happy tears only, we promise) to go through this thread of amazing Trek humor compiled for a fan hospitalized for coronavirus treatment. It’s given us all a much needed lift as well.

We couldn’t be happier to have played a part in these twin girls’ newest possessions!


Last month, I wrote a piece for @startrek’s website talking about the twin virtues of hope and faith represented in the necklace worn by #StarTrekPicard’s twin android daughters Dahj and Soji and how much it means to me in light of having my own miracle twins. My wife and I preordered replicas of the necklaces from @rocklovejewelry for our girls for Valentine’s Day. They arrived today, coincidentally on Picard’s season finale day. My mom would see symbolism there. They are beautiful and my Hope and Faith love them. Thank you @isacamillebriones for sharing our story and especially for your magnificent performances over this season. Thank you @sirpatstew for being the captain we remember and for bringing some light into this dark world. Thank you @michael.chabon for your brilliance and beautiful soul that is so comforting in these trying times. Thank you @rocklovejewelry for your kindness and creating these beautiful pieces. Thank you @startrekcbs for bringing it back. Happy Picard finale day. Find some hope and faith, my friends.?

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This video from Wired is absolutely not to be missed!

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons dropped on March 20th, and it barely took Star Trek fans twenty-four hours to make it as Trek themed as possible.

Over at io9, Discovery’s Sonequa Martin-Green chatted to reporters about what it was like to bring Michael Burnham to life in Star Trek: Online. It wasn’t her first video game work, she reveals, but being Trek made it special.

"There’s something to be said about the journey you go on when all you do have is your voice. And especially when you’re matching with something that has already been created before you. Acting is collaborative as it is, but it’s a new kind of collaboration—because you have people who are contributing a little bit more to you in a direct way, if that makes sense. They’re deciding how you’re going to move through the space, so that’s already done for you. You take your voice and you try to launch off of what has already been created for you. And I do that already, with the script, right? The words they’ve already given to me. But, you know, it just took me to the next level when the words are created for you and the physicality as well. I thought it was a lot of fun."

Way back in the good ol’ days when talkshows were filmed in studios with actual audiences, Jimmy Kimmel hosted Pete Buttigieg and LeVar Burton in a game of Star Trek trivia.

How did you wrap up season one of Star Trek: Picard? We could all learn a lesson in binge watching from this fan!

Even if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, the world would still welcome and be all the better for Patrick Stewart’s daily sonnet recitations. Make sure you’re following the good captain on Twitter and don’t miss a single day! We’ve included a sampling of our favorites below!

Relatedly, did you catch Sir Patrick’s announcement earlier in March? Don’t worry-- we’ve got it below.

Until next month, remember to stay inside and keep apart!

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