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They're Here... Star Trek Build-A-Bears

They're Here... Star Trek Build-A-Bears

We're so excited about this story we can barely bear it. Build-A-Bear Workshop has just unveiled a pair of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Bears. There's the Spock Bear and the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Bear, both available today.

The Spock Bear features Spock's iconic ears and the Vulcan greeting. One paw says "Live long and prosper," and the other is emblazoned with the Star Trek 50th Anniversary logo. He can be dressed up in a Star Trek Blue Uniform, with the blue top boasting a delta shield, and the shirt is paired with black pants. Also available is a phaser, which comes with an elastic band so that, logically, it will stay in your furry friend's hand. The Spock Bear costs $28, while the uniform costs $15 and the phaser sells for $5.

The Star Trek 50th Anniversary Bear is a limited-edition black bear that has the gold Star Trek insignia on its chest, with the Star Trek

And to finish off any of the three Star Trek Bear options, fans can add the original Star Trek theme music to their bear. That will cost $7.00.

The bears can be purchased now at the Build-A-Bear nearest you or at