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The Undiscovered Lockbox

The Undiscovered Lockbox

The final years of the 23rd Century were a time of great turmoil for the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. Many advanced technologies were developed during this time period, some of which are still serviceable today. This time period also saw many shocking scientific discoveries, some of which are still not fully understood. Each faction has found that some of these technologies, including the dreadnoughts of the era, can be re-purposed for today’s conflicts. Seeing the potential for profit, the Lobi Crystal Consortium has agreed to help update the technology of yesteryear… for the right price.

Some of the most iconic moments in Star Trek took place in the first six films. We saw the crew of the Enterprise, as well as some of their villains, reprise their roles on the silver screen. While Agents of Yesterday did not directly touch on points from these films, they’re an era which we’ve wanted to explore more thoroughly for quite some time. The Undiscovered Lock Box presents players with a way to capture some of these moments. It contains ships, weapons and more which would feel right at home on the set of The Wrath of Khan, The Undiscovered Country and all the beloved original Star Trek films.

The Undiscovered Lock Box’s Grand Prize is the 23rd Century Tier 6 Dreadnought Pack, which contains three new TOS-era Dreadnought ships, one for each faction. Federation characters can get the Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser [T6], Klingon characters get the D9 Dreadnought Battlecruiser [T6], and Romulan characters get the Thrai Dreadnought Warbird [T6]. This pack may be freely traded between characters or sold on the Exchange, allowing Captains to get the ship of their choice. Each of these vessels has its own Console and Starship Mastery Trait.

The Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] is equipped with a Console – Universal – Dynamic Power Redistributor Module. Starships equipped with this console are capable of greatly strengthening their Structural Integrity Field for a short time, thus providing a large increase to hull regeneration rate and damage resistance rating. Additionally, this power can be redirected from the Structural Integrity Field to other systems to provide a large boost to all out going damage as long as the starship's hull strength remains at 80% or above. This console also provides a passive bonus to All Energy Damage Resistance Rating and Directed Energy Damage. This console may be equipped on any starship, but only one may be equipped at a time.

Completing the Starship Mastery Path on the Prototype Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] unlocks access to the following Starship Trait:

SIF Shunt

  • Activating any hull healing ability while at full hull strength provides a boost to all power levels.
  • This effect may stack up to 3 times.

The D9 Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] is equipped with a Console – Universal – Disruption Pulse Emitter. Starships equipped with this device emit a series of pulses from its deflector, wreaking havoc on critical starship systems. These pulses disable and deal moderate physical damage to any foes in front of the user. This console also provides a passive bonus to the Starship Control Expertise and Starship Particle Emitters skills. This console may be equipped on any starship, but only one may be equipped at a time.

Completing the Starship Mastery Path on the D9 Dreadnought Cruiser [T6] unlocks access to the following Starship Trait:

Catastrophic Overload

  • Jam Sensors deals high electrical damage, and disables targets in a large area on expiration, in addition to its normal effects.

The Thrai Dreadnought Warbird [T6] comes equipped with a Console – Universal – Secondary Shield Projector. A starship with this console equipped is capable of enveloping allies within a secondary shield. Affected allies gain a large amount of Secondary Shielding. Additionally, the secondary shield projector cleanses all Hazard and Debuff effects on affected allies once every second while active. This console provides a passive bonus to Shield Hardness and to the Starship Shield Emitters skill. This console may be equipped on any starship, but only one may be equipped at a time.

Completing the Starship Mastery Path on the Thrai Dreadnought Warbird [T6] unlocks access to the following Starship Trait:

Layered Shielding

  • Emergency Power to Shields and Extend Shields apply a moderate amount of Secondary Shielding to their target, in addition to their normal effects.
  • Layered Shielding does not stack.

Starfleet Captains may also purchase the NX Escort Refit [T6] from the Lobi Store. This ship comes equipped with a Console – Universal – Point Defense Bombardment Warhead. Activating this console launches a warhead that slowly travels to your target. Any enemy starship unfortunate enough to get within the Warhead’s attack range will be repeatedly bombarded with photon torpedoes. The warhead detonates on reaching its target, causing heavy kinetic damage to the target and all nearby foes. This console also provides a passive bonus to Projectile Damage and Critical Hit Chance. This console may be equipped on any starship, but only one may be equipped at a time.Completing the Starship Mastery Path on the NX Escort Refit [T6] unlocks access to the following Starship Trait:Preferential Targeting

  • Activating Beam: Fire at Will and Cannon: Scatter Volley will cause Beam: Overload and Cannon: Rapid Fire to deal 50% additional damage for the next 30 seconds.

Klingon and Romulan characters may obtain the NX Escort Refit [T6]’s Console and Starship Trait via the Cross-Faction Bundle: NX Escort Refit Equipment in the Lobi Store.

(Additional information on the above starships will be contained in a separate Developer Blog.)

There are many other prizes within the Undiscovered Lock Box for players to acquire, such as R&D Packs, Boosts, and other assorted items. Captains seeking to broaden their repertoire can obtain the Cross-Faction Console Pack and Cross-Faction Starship Trait Pack to gain access to the consoles and traits from their opposing faction’s ships.

Captains who wish to delve further into some of the mysteries of the 23rd century can make use of new 23rd Century Research Duty Officer Assignments. Each of these five assignments yields high XP and Dilithium rewards. Completing all the assignments gives additional Dilithium ore and a Title.

Captains may also find Undiscovered Bridge Officer Training Manual Packs. This pack opens into a new Training Manual for your Engineering, Science, or Tactical Bridge Officers. Each of these new abilities functions in Space, and are usable by Ensigns, Lieutenants, and Lieutenant Commanders.

Engineering: Overload Integrity Field I/II/III

  • Increases your Starship Hull Repair stat for 12 seconds
  • While active, being healed by Bridge Officer or Captain abilities will heal up to 3 allies within 5km for a percentage of the healing received

Science: Structural Analysis I/II/III

  • Target is affected by a Damage Resistance Debuff
  • Spreads to 1 additional target within 4km every 2 sec

Tactical: Distributed Targeting I/II/III

  • Marks a single target
  • A percentage of all weapon damage done to the marked target is chained to up to 3 foes within 3km

Additionally, the Undiscovered Lock Box has new Ground and Space weapons within the Undiscovered Phaser Weapons Pack. This box contains two advanced Phaser technologies developed during the late 23rd Century -- Pulse Phasers and Assault Phasers. Each ahead of their time, Pulse Phasers are devastating space weapons, while Assault Phasers were used by strike teams in the final years of the 23rd Century. Each of these weapon types share the Phaser Transfer characteristic, giving them a chance to reduce their target's damage resistance while simultaneously increasing your own. Opening this pack will give a choice between a random Beam, Cannon or Ground Weapon.

The Lobi Store also has a handful of new entries. Among these is the Type II Phaser Compression Pistol (c. 2285). This heavily-modified Type 2 Phaser Compression Pistol features a Compression Beam Setting, which can hit a target with a highly focused beam of Phaser energy. Firing either the primary or secondary beam settings of this weapon can trigger the Compression Burst auxiliary setting, causing an additional high-damage burst of Phaser energy to the target, repelling and stunning them for a short time. This weapon has a chance to apply a Phaser Transfer, which reduces your target’s damage resistance to increase your own.

Captains looking for a new Environmental Suit may make use of their faction’s Experimental Environmental Suit (c. 2293). These EV suits offer a high degree of protection from all hazards a special operative may encounter – such as solar flares, high radiation levels, and incoming weapons fire. The suit is also equipped with an Automated Threat Dampener package, designed to increase the wearer’s chances of survival by causing the assailant to inflict less and take more damage.

As space can be a cold, lonely place, Captains may now purchase a Farpoint Cnidarian Companion of their very own. Affectionately referred to as “Space Jellyfish,” these creatures are in a larval state, and will imprint onto their user. This larval state also makes it difficult to identify exactly which sub-species is contained within until the pack is opened. They will flee from Combat, and cannot be called while piloting a shuttle, fighter, or other small craft.

Finally, the Zambean Outfit and Ithenite Outfit are available for Captains to purchase and wear. Both of these attires can be seen at the Babel Conference in 2268, and have varying degrees of customizability.

The Undiscovered Lockbox, as well as the additional Lobi Store entries, will be coming to PC with the launch of Season 12: Reckoning.

Jonathan “CrypticRock”SteadyStaff Systems DesignerStar Trek Online