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The Trek Series With The Best Theme Music Is...

The Trek Series With The Best Theme Music Is...

Well, this was just a little unexpected. asked readers to cast their votes as to which Star Trek series had the best theme music, and The Next Generation won. Now, that's not the surprise. What shocked us was that 25,000 people voted and The Original Series came in dead last. Here are the results:

The Next Generation (30%)

Voyager (24%)

Deep Space Nine (17%)

Enterprise (15%)

The Original Series (14%)

Here's what some of your fellow fans had to say about the options:

"Jerry Goldsmith is kicking some rear end with the top two places so far for a combined 53%." -- Carl James

"The Enterprise theme song is the best!! At first I thought it was cheesy but now I love it. It reminds me of an awesome power ballad from the 80's." -- Ange Hertz

"TNG, no contest, though most of them had good theme music." -- Cole Whiteley

"I understand people's dislike for Enterprise's theme music - it really was a drastic change from what came before, and, in a way, didn't really 'fit' with the other themes, but I like the song a lot personally, and I think it suits Trek very well in feel - the song is celebrating the need to explore, to wander, and to have confidence in yourself, defying the odds against you. It's a powerful song." -- Matthew B. R. Sims

"Voyager because its song tells the story in itself... "persevere." Next Gen is nice but was a derivative of The Motion Piicture." -- S. James Chorvat II

"Both Star Trek: the Motion Picture (and the Next Gen theme) and the Voyager theme were written by Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith won the Emmy for Voyager's theme. Every time I hear that climatic high note, then the sound affect of Voyager passing through a planet's ring on the up-beat, I still get warm fuzzies all up and down my spine. Voyager's theme is a musical, visual, and sound design masterwork." -- Michele Hansen

"DS9 has the best orchestration. Voyager is good, too. TNG is a nice march. TOS is very 1960s, so it's dated. The pop sound and vocals make the Enterprise stand out--love it or hate it. Give me DS9 every time." -- Charles Kufs

"I love the original theme of Star Trek. I like the other Star Trek series, but I love the original better..." -- Curtis Simpkins

"I have always loved DS9's opening theme. It's majestic." -- Vicki Love

"Without the Original nothing else would exist. The TNG theme is actually the theme for ST The Motion Original series." -- Ronald Greene