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The Trek Series With Best First Season Is...

The Trek Series With Best First Season Is..., in our latest poll, asked readers “Which Trek series had the best first season?” Thousands of people replied. Check out the results and see if you were as surprised by them as we were. Voyager headed up the pack with 29%, followed closely byThe Original Series at 27%, then The Next Generation (18%) and, finally, both Enterprise and Deep Space Nine, which statistically tied at 13%, though Enterprise edged DS9 by a few votes.

Here are some reader comments:

“I say Enterprise, just because its first season has most of my favorite episodes from that series, while Next Gen, the later seasons, have my all-time favorite(s), (and) DS9, the Dominion wars (later on). Same with Voyager; when Seven came in (but not because of her).” – Spencer Ratzlaff

DS9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more words.” – Ingo Tre

“That's easy... All the other series took a while to catch their footing, but Voyager was right there right from the beginning...” – Jacob Schrecongost