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The Trek Series That Should Be A Movie Is...

The Trek Series That Should Be A Movie Is... invited fans to answer the question, "Which series would make the best feature-length movie?" and thousands of you took the time to reply. The competition was surprisingly fierce, but Voyager prevailed with 43% of the vote, topping the 39% tallied by Deep Space Nine. Lagging way behind was Enterprise, which mustered only 18%.

Voyager - (43%)

Deep Space Nine - (39%)

Enterprise - (18%)

So, did your show finish where you thought it would? Let us know and, in the meantime, see what some of your fellow fans had to say in the comments section:"I want a Voyager movie. Kate will kick a*s." -- Arlene Calandria"WE WANT VOYAGER as a MOVIE!!!!!!!!!" -- Beth Heston"Voyager is in the lead because the whole concept of Voyager could have been reduced to a film. The best thing about Voyager, as has been highlighted recently in one of your polls, was the opening sequence." -- Duncan Shaw"Enterprise, Enterprise, Enterprise!! Please bring Archer back." -- Candace Tassell"As much as I love DS9, I don't think a movie based on it could be sufficiently self-contained. It'd end up like Serenity." -- Andrew Verner"Voyager, hands down! We were left hanging and rushed at the series' end!" -- Debbie Chromeck"Man, Deep Space Nine. Voyager had an ending. Any movie would be "And here is this cast again." It'd be hard to come up with a unique story that isn't "Voyager in 120 minutes." Deep Space Nine, on the other hand, had SO many loose ends and potential ideas." -- Jennifer Colbert"Voyager is really the best one to do a movie with. It could be a film that brings us back into the future and starts off a whole new show on the back of it. The actors are still young enough to really bring it to life and even when Janeway was portrayed as older in the last episode she had great gravitas. I really love this show - it was always enjoyable and had a great cast and plot. They could even have a reason to return to the delta quadrant, i.e.: unfinished business and the main crew could be persuaded to go because there is a guarantee of returning home perhaps due to some freak worm hole that is only open for so long. If not in the delta quadrant, just seeing them in action would still be fantastic!" -- Ian Clark"DS9. Voyager didn't end fast enough. It would be kind of cool to see an Enterprise movie, too, since they ended the show so abruptly. Maybe the Romulan Wars?" -- Zack Dail"Voyager and Deep Space Nine together!" -- David Handy