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The Roddenberry Foundation Launches Campaign Celebrating Gene Roddenberry's Centennial

Campaign will engage fans and the public in honoring Roddenberry's legacy

The Roddenberry Foundation's "Boldly Go" Campaign

The Roddenberry Foundation

On the 55th anniversary of the television debut of Star Trek, The Roddenberry Foundation announced it is launching the "Boldly Go" campaign to celebrate the inspiring legacy of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry in what would have been his centennial year. Paying homage to Star Trek's message that we can work together despite our differences to build a better future, the campaign calls for people around the world to share online submissions showcasing what gives them hope for the next century. The campaign will culminate in a collective work of digital art that will raise funds for nonprofit organizations whose work aligns with Roddenberry's values of diversity, inclusion, and progress—an innovative approach to philanthropy that translates fan participation into real-world impact.

"My father envisioned a future where people come together across their differences to work for the common good," said Rod Roddenberry, son of Gene Roddenberry. "This idea is simple but powerful, and continues to inspire generations of fans through Star Trek. To honor his legacy, the Boldly Go campaign asks Star Trek fans, whoever they are and wherever they are, to imagine a better future and join us in making that future a reality."

In partnership with Paramount+, the global Boldly Go campaign launched ahead of the Star Trek Day celebration on September 8.

OTOY, an Academy Award-winning graphics technology company, is partnering on the campaign to power the creation of the collective digital artwork on the blockchain using the RNDR Network. As creator of the Roddenberry Archive, a multi-decade, collaborative effort to memorialize Gene Roddenberry's life and work in a permanent and canonical blockchain record, OTOY is deeply invested in honoring his legacy. OTOY and The Roddenberry Foundation will collaborate with renowned digital artists, including participation from celebrated digital artist Beeple, to combine thousands of campaign submissions from around the world into a single piece of digital artwork that will be made available to the public and auctioned to generate funds for nonprofit organizations—ensuring the public's Star Trek-inspired hopes for the future translate into real-world impact. All proceeds will go to nonprofits.

The Foundation is also partnering with Planet, operator of nearly 200 satellites in space that provide daily data and insights about Earth, to etch the campaign's digital artwork onto a network of its satellites, which will be launched into space in 2022—memorializing our collective hope for humanity's future in a first-of-its-kind space-based art installation worthy of the Star Trek legacy. As a company, Planet has revolutionized the Earth observation industry, democratizing access to satellite data beyond traditional sectors.

The campaign launch comes after NASA and The Roddenberry Foundation marked Gene's 100th birthday on August 19 by broadcasting his voice into space via NASA's Deep Space network.

People from around the world are invited to join the campaign by answering the prompt "what gives you hope for a better future?" in the form of a video, photo, selfie, or other message and posting to social media using #BoldlyGo100. Submissions can also be made through the campaign website, Submissions are open through the end of 2021.

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